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Modern, ecological and decorative fire: a new decorative alternative, without installation, for your insert or traditional fireplace. This bio-ethanol fireplace offers  undeniable comfort without the inconveniences of traditional fireplaces. In fact it is simple to install and does not emit any flue - so no more chimney sweeping! 

An aesthetic object, this fireplace will fit in  with your decor and can be moved and placed wherever you want, as long as it is in a well aired room. Don't hesitate to renew an old unused fireplace! Over and above this convenience, a bio-ethanol fire gives off no smoke, smell, ashes, dust, soot or spark. Forget logs that roll about and crackle; only water vapour and carbonic acid gas (the equivalent of 3 candles) escape from the flames, giving out friendly warmth. Every living creature gives off the same quantity of this combustion, so there is no danger in sight. 
The only maintenance needed is recharging the fuel (bio-ethanol gel for the containers and liquid for the burners), a 100% natural liquid, distilled from sugar plants. The bio-ethanol fireplace is an excellent heater that will help you save money. It's heating capacity is equal to two or three electric radiators depending on the model, and it uses little fuel: between 0,35l and 0,50l of bio-ethanol per hour.
Finally, our burners have a double thickness (3mm and 2mm) and are 100% welded to avoid any risk ; all our materials are in conformity with safety regulations (the attachment system for wall-mounted fireplaces is included).


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